Fresh Fundies 3

08:30CUP QF1Fresh Fundies 3Net Chix25Tequinis0
08:53CUP QF2Fresh Fundies 3Harley Quinns14Hoop There It Is7
09:16CUP QF3Fresh Fundies 3Nyx10G and Ts11
09:39CUP QF4Fresh Fundies 3Balls Deep6Flamingos25
10:02Round 5Chick CharmersBlush19Nam Girls16
10:25Round 5Chick CharmersAllstars9Rooibos16
10:48Round 5Chick CharmersH&O8Mykonos11
11:11Bowl SF1Fresh Fundies 3Tequinis3Nyx20
11:34Bowl SF2Fresh Fundies 3Hoop There It Is12Balls Deep5
11:57CUP SF1Fresh Fundies 3Net Chix18G and Ts13
12:20CUP SF2Fresh Fundies 3Harley Quinns11Flamingos7
12:43Round 6Chick CharmersRooibos24Blush15
13:06Round 6Chick CharmersNam Girls12Mykonos13
13:29Round 6Chick CharmersH&O6Varisty College19
13:52Shield FinalFresh Fundies 3Tequinis5Balls Deep9
14:15Bowl FinalFresh Fundies 3NyxHoop There It Is
14:38Plate FinalFresh Fundies 3G and TsFlamingos
15:01Round 7Chick CharmersBlushMykonos
15:24Round 7Chick CharmersNam GirlsVaristy College
15:47Round 7Chick CharmersAllstarsH&O
16:10CUP FinalFresh Fundies 3Net ChixHarley Quinns
16:33CUP FinalChick CharmersGroup Winner2nd Place Group

Fresh Fundies 3 - Pool A

2Harley Quinns3210188
4Balls Deep3030-250

Fresh Fundies 3 - Pool B

2G and Ts32012610
3Hoop There It Is312024