Gees League Fixtures – Saturday

08:30Bowl QF1Gees Ballers and Jollers14Six Gun Hooligans12
08:53Bowl QF2Gees Design Dream Team5Vuilhonde0
09:16Bowl QF3Gees Bay Mountain State14Trusc Sunwolves7
09:39Bowl QF4Gees Noakes Foundation Saints0T3 Drillers17
10:02CUP QF1Gees West Coast Crew33EG Vikings0
10:25CUP QF2Gees MortherRuckers0Trojans7
10:48CUP QF3Gees Blitz Bokboks26Predators0
11:11CUP QF4Gees Dirty Sanchez0Beach Boys19
11:34Shield SF1Gees Loser Bowl QF 1 – Six Gun Hooligans0Loser Bowl QF3 – Trusc Sunwolves17
11:57Shield SF2Gees Loser Bowl QF2 – Vuilhonde10Loser Bowl QF4 – Noakes Foundation Saints0
12:20Bowl SF1Gees Winner Bowl QF 1 – Ballers & Jollers12Winner Bowl QF3 – Bay Mountain State7
12:43Bowl SF2Gees Winner Bowl QF2 – Design Dream Team0Winner Bowl QF4 – T3 Drillers10
13:06Plate SF1Gees Loser Cup QF 1 – EG Vikings7Loser Cup QF3 – Predators14
13:29Plate SF2Gees Loser Cup QF2 – MotherRuckers26Loser Cup QF4 – Dirty Sanchez0
13:52CUP SF1Gees Winner Cup QF 1 – West Coast Crew Winner Cup QF3 – Blitzbokboks 
14:15CUP SF2Gees Winner Cup QF2 – Trojans Winner Cup QF4 – Beach Boys 
14:38Shield FinalGees Winner Shield SF 1 – Trusc Sunwolves Winner Shield SF2 – Vuilhonde 
15:01Bowl FinalGees Winner Bowl SF 1 – Ballers & Jollers Winner Bowl SF2 – T3 Drillers 
15:24Plate FinalGees Winner Plate SF 1 – Predators Winner Plate SF2 – MotherRuckers 

Gees League - Pool A

1West Coast Crew33006612
3Ballers and Jollers3120-104
4Design Dream Team3030-660

Gees League - Pool B

1Blitz Bokboks33004512
2Dirty Sanchez3210-58
3Bay Mountain State3120-54
4Noakes Foundation Saints3030-350

Gees League - Pool C

2EG Vikings3210-178
4Six Gun Hooligans3030-490

Gees League - Pool D

1Beach Boys3102148
3T3 Drillers3111-156
4Trusc Sunwolves3021-92