Purple League

Saturday – Play-Off Fixtures
08:30Bowl QF1PurpleA3 – Bird Street BabesC4 – The Shooters
08:53Bowl QF2PurpleA4 – Hoop There It IsC3 – 50 Shades of Awesome
09:16Bowl QF3PurpleB3 – Ball of DutyD4 – Melon Meisies
09:39Bowl QF4PurpleB4  Stellies 1stD3 – Celebs
10:02CUP QF1PurpleA1 – No LimitsC2 – Mystique Blues
10:25CUP QF2PurpleA2 – Tough MuddersC1 -Suzuki Bombshells
10:48CUP QF3PurpleB1 – Drunkin DonutsD2 – Red Sox
11:11CUP QF4PurpleB2 – Hot FlushesD1 -The Avengers
11:34Shield SF1PurpleLoser Bowl QF 1Loser Bowl QF3
11:57Shield SF2PurpleLoser Bowl QF2Loser Bowl QF4
12:20Bowl SF1PurpleWinner Bowl QF 1Winner Bowl QF3
12:43Bowl SF2PurpleWinner Bowl QF2Winner Bowl QF4
13:06Plate SF1PurpleLoser Cup QF 1Loser Cup QF3
13:29Plate SF2PurpleLoser Cup QF2Loser Cup QF4
13:52CUP SF1PurpleWinner Cup QF 1Winner Cup QF3
14:15CUP SF2PurpleWinner Cup QF2Winner Cup QF4
14:38Shield FinalPurpleWinner Shield SF 1Winner Shield SF2
15:01Bowl FinalPurpleWinner Bowl SF 1Winner Bowl SF2
15:24Plate FinalPurpleWinner Plate SF 1Winner Plate SF2
15:47CUP FinalPurpleWinner Cup SF 1Winner Cup SF2

Purple League Pool A

1No Limits33001512
2Tough Mudders321088
3Bird Street Babes3120-54
4Hoop There It Is3030-180

Purple League Pool B

1Drunkin Donuts33002012
2Hot Flushes3210108
3Ball of Duty3120-134
4Stellies 1st3030-170

Purple League Pool C

1Suzuki Bombshells33002012
2Mystique Blues3210288
350 Shades of Awesome312024
4The Shooters3030-500

Purple League Pool D

1The Avengers33003412
2Red Sox321058
4Melon Meisies3030-260