Tender and Tasty 1

08:30Bowl QF1Tender and Tasty 1Sweaty Bettys18HS Angels4
08:53Bowl QF2Tender and Tasty 1Mojithoes0NOVA19
09:16Bowl QF3Tender and Tasty 1Drunkin Duck6Mario Sisters12
09:39Bowl QF4Tender and Tasty 1Ball of Duty6The Panthers30
10:02CUP QF1Tender and Tasty 1West Coast Women16Mycro Keratin Angels6
10:25CUP QF2Tender and Tasty 1Windpompe8Ocean 107
10:48CUP QF3Tender and Tasty 1Lucky Lemons9BLUE23
11:11CUP QF4Tender and Tasty 1Awesome Diasies1VAPE20
11:34Shield SF1Tender and Tasty 1HS Angels10Drunkin Duck6
11:57Shield SF2Tender and Tasty 1Mojithoes6Ball of Duty8
12:20Bowl SF1Tender and Tasty 1Sweaty Bettys10Mario Sisters11
12:43Bowl SF2Tender and Tasty 1NOVA1The Panthers17
13:06Plate SF1Tender and Tasty 1Mycro Keratin Angels17Lucky Lemons18
13:29Plate SF2Tender and Tasty 1Ocean 108Awesome Diasies9
13:52CUP SF1Tender and Tasty 1West Coast Women8BLUE11
14:15CUP SF2Tender and Tasty 1WindpompeVAPE
14:38Shield FinalTender and Tasty 1HS AngelsBall of Duty
15:01Bowl FinalTender and Tasty 1Mario SistersThe Panthers
15:24Plate FinalTender and Tasty 1Lucky LemonsAwesome Diasies
15:47CUP FinalTender and Tasty 1BLUEWinner Cup SF2

Tender and Tasty 1 - Pool A

1West Coast Women33003912
3Sweaty Bettys3120-74

Tender and Tasty 1 - Pool B

1Lucky Lemons33003712
2Awesome Daisies3210168
3Drunkin Ducks3120-174
4Ball Of Duty3030-360

Tender and Tasty 1 - Pool C

1Ocean 1033001812
2Mycro Keratin Angels3210268
4HS Angels3030-350

Tender and Tasty 1 - Pool D

3The Panthers3120-234
4Mario Sisters3030-210